Jessica Cisneros is an immigration and human rights attorney and proud Mexican-American woman running for Congress in Texas’ 28th district to fight for working families.
Jessica Cisneros is a Democrat running to represent Texas’ 28th district in Congress. As the daughter of Mexican immigrants and a human rights lawyer, Jessica is fighting to build an America for all of us - no matter who we are, or where we come from.

Jessica was born and raised in Laredo, Texas. When her older sister needed urgent medical care that was only available in the United States, her parents immigrated here to start a new home for the Cisneros family. Her dad picked fruit and started his own trucking company to make ends meet and ensure his two daughters could make it through high school.

As a kid, Jessica learned that the rules of our immigration system and our economy are not written to support families like hers.

She saw families like hers torn apart by cruel detainment policies. Cruel, anti-immigrant policies in Washington were leading South Texans just looking for a steady, local job into deporting the kids of their undocumented neighbors.

She saw her dad and mom struggle to keep a business afloat, while policies in Washington only seemed to benefit the biggest corporations.

Jessica made a commitment at an early age to become an advocate for families like her own and protect the rights of immigrants and working people.

Jessica excelled at Early College High School in Laredo and graduated as valedictorian. She earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Texas at Austin and her law degree from the University of Texas Law School, where she specialized in immigration law. For her leadership and commitment to keeping immigrant families safe and together, Jessica was awarded the Texas Law Fellowships Excellence in Public Interest Award, the Pro Bono Award, and the Chicano/Hispanic Law Students’ Association’s Spirit of Community Award.

Every day in her work as a lawyer, Jessica is reminded of what she learned as a child: the rules of the game are not fair for most Americans. Too many representatives in Washington have forgotten the struggles and dreams of our families here in Texas.
Our district has voted “Democrat” because we thought the Democrat would protect our rights and fight for our families. But Cuellar is not a Democrat. We need to elect a representative who is accountable to us -- not big corporate donors, lobbyists and Republicans.

Jessica is running for Congress because the hardworking people of Laredo and South Texas deserve a representative who knows their stories, lived their struggle, and is committed to fighting for working people.
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